Acoustic Zen El Nino II

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Acoustic Zen El Nino

We are extremely enthusiastic about this little gem! The El Nino offers a level of performance that was previously not obtainable by products at this price point. The El Nino internal construction is as follows: El Nino metallurgy employs our Zero Crystal copper.The dielectric and insulation material is of CL3 and FT4 specification, we have incorporated our Constant Air-Twisting geometry in the design of the El Nino. Just as in the Tsunami power cord, the El Nino is double shielded to help eliminate the amount of EMI and RF that plagues the power coming into our systems. The total gauge of the El Nino is 12awg Plus, which is more than substantial in powering Dacs,Transports, Pre-Amps and some of the lower wattage amplifiers.