Amperex 7308 vintage gold pin!

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Amperex gold pin 7308

Labelled PQ, JAN and USN, all US made. Typically 1960’s vintage. I have super premium for the truly obsessive. Ever so slightly relaxed on top. Liquid, smooth midband. Fabulous, slightly full bass. This tube used to be commonly counterfeited so be wary of others selling them at bargain prices.

Price above is for a single tube.

A note regarding logos on the Amperex 7308: I want to dispel silly rumors: Some guys want only "JAN" because they were made for "Joint Army-Navy" or "USN-CEP" because they were made for Navy test equipment. Some want PQ because they think stands for "Premium Quality." The logos may be white, orange, or green, as shows in the picture above.

Regardless of all this... they're all the same tube. Period. If you think that PQ is better, that would mean Amperex was selling lower-grade tubes into control systems that may have launched nuclear rockets? Get real. I've tested more of these personally and I'm telling you... they all test and sound the same. HOWEVER if you have a preference let us know. We pull from the best measuring first. But you can pick what you want, but we may not be able to accomodate your request based on available tested stocks.

Also: Amperex logos are well-known to be fragile. Some customers are putting these in products that are on display, so the logos must be perfect. If logos are reall important let us know, and we'll send you a great tube. If you prefer the best MEASURING, that's what we default to. We're here to make sure you get what meets your needs.

Platinum grade - The best of the best. Lowest noise and microphony with the tightest triode balance we have available. This is typically 10% or tighter, but may be higher depending on available stock.

Gold grade - Low noise and microphonics with a triode balance typically between 15% and 20%, but may be higher depending on available stock.

Driver/Buffer grade - Lowest noise but not the lowest in microphony. Triode balance will be similar to Gold grade.

This grade is only suitable for use in the driver stage of an amplifier, or the output/buffer stage of a DAC or CD Player.

If you have a preamp or phonostage, you need at least Gold grade.

Click here for a more in depth discussion on how we grade tubes.

Price includes matching in any quantity you need at no extra charge.