VPI Hyper Scout II Limited Edition w/ 10.5" Tonearm & VTA On the Fly

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VPI Hyper Scout II Limited Edition

An Upscale Audio Exclusive!

“What the people of Berlin need now is a turntable with VTA on the fly for under $3,000. Ich bin ein vinyl lover” – John F. Kennedy speech, West Berlin, June 1963

Who knew that it would take the world 54 years to realize this dream? Well…it’s finally happened.



The VPI Scout II and Prime Scout are amazing turntables. But leave it to Uncle Kevvy to stick his nose into business to grind out something truly amazing. Look at any VPI turntable as the sum of parts. The plinth, tonearm, tonearm base, motor, platter, and feet. So look at this as a Prime Scout or Scout II, with the following options:

Instead of the much cheaper 9” arm and lower-end base, we are giving you the upgraded 10.5” JMW10 tonearm from the twice as expensive Classic series. Pretty cool, eh? Well…it gets better. We also included the upgraded tonearm base with VTA/SRA on the fly!!! This means that you can fine-tune VTA while you listen, which is critical to eliminate top end sibilance. This is a big deal. The tonearm and base by themselves are $2200!!

Next up: The platter. This isn’t the same platter you see on other Scouts or the Prime Scout. This is the MASSIVE 20-pound platter you find on the Prime and Classic series. And a massive platter is CRITICAL to isolate the record as well as providing inertia for consistent speed. It sells for $1000.

Next up: The feet. These are not the same feet as the Prime Scout….though they look similar. These are the bad-ass mamba-jamba Classic Feet. They sell for $400.

And of course, it comes with the screw down Delrin record clamp. Now…all of these upgrades add up to $58,997.32 as far as we can see. Your price my brutha or sista? $2799!! Get down with yo’ bad self!!


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