Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD Player (USED)

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Resolution Audio Opus 21 CD Player

Opus 21 CD Player serial # 2110621. Includes remote control and power cord. Works great.

The Opus 21 CD Player is the culmination of 10 years of digital audio development. It couples our refined multi-bit DAC design with an ATAPI-bus drive that enables ideal low-jitter design and reads all discs, including CD-R/W, SACD-hybrid, and copy-protected discs, with ease. By moving the power supply and display to a second chassis, the critical audio circuitry is free of interference, bringing out more detail than ever. Three-dimensional circuit construction, while more costly, dramatically reduces signal path for unparalleled precision.

We use the finest multi-bit DACs available, as we have yet to find a superior alternative DAC architecture. Our custom DSP-based digital filter uses synchronous upsampling, as we have found that asynchronous designs create audible artifacts. By implementing volume-control in the analog domain, full performance of the converters is maintained independent of listening level.

• 4 BurrBrown PCM1704 24-bit converters
• 16x digital filter upsamples to 705 kHz/24-bit
• analog-domain volume control
• Balanced and single-ended outputs
• digital input operates up to 96 kHz/24-bit enhancing two-channel home theater