MOON by Simaudio Neo 260D CD Transport (USED)

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MOON by Simaudio Neo 260D CD Transport

Connect this CD Transport to an external DAC and elevate your CD listening experience. Digital is improving so rapidly; why invest in a CD player with an internal DAC? In pristine condition. Serial # R6130855 Includes original box, manual, remote and power cord.

  • Proprietary CD drive system mounted on our M-Quattro gel-based 4-point floating suspension for vibration damping, allowing ambient & spatial cues in your recordings to come to life like never before;
  • Two (2) digital outputs: S/PDIF and AES/EBU.
  • Oversized power supply with up to 13 stages of voltage regulation (5 for Transport and 8 for the DAC)
  • RS-232 port for (i) full unsolicited bi-directional feedback and (ii) firmware updates
  • IR input for external control
  • SimLink™ controller port for 2-way communications with other compatible MOON components
  • Rigid chassis construction to minimize the effects of external vibrations
  • Optimized selection of very high-quality electronic components in a symmetrical circuit design