ExactPower UltraPure Power Conditioner/Regenerator (DEMO)

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ExactPower UltraPure Power Conditioner/Regenerator

We used this unit at our trade shows for a few years. This unit has some cosmetic flaws, but is in excellent working condition.

The UltraPure Solution

The UltraPure Symmetrical Wideband Filter uses a combination of multi-stage, heavy-duty filters, balanced isolating transformers, and a second set of AC line filters to reject both Common-Mode and Differential Mode AC noise and RFI from the AC outlets feeding your sensitive audio/video equipment.

The UltraPures noise reduction capability extends to much lower frequencies than competing AC filters. At the relatively low frequency of 200kHz, UltraPure reduces differential mode noise by a factor of 3 million to 1, and common-mode noise is reduced by 100 million to 1! This exceptional low frequency rejection means that neither externally generated noise, nor noise backfeeding from a switchmode power amplifier will ever reach your sensitive head end components.


• Input Voltage: 120 Vrms nominal
• Nominal output voltage: 120Vrms ±2%, 60Hz, 1 Amp to 15 Amps
• Inputs: Standard 15A IEC receptacle
• Outputs: 6 Hubbell GFCI-protected NEMA 15-R and 4 Hubbell NEMA 15-R receptacles
• Weight: 40 pounds
• Dimensions: 17" wide x 3.5" high x 14.7" deep
• Protection: 5 separate stages of high voltage protection systems