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Ah! AC Direkt

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Compare this power cord. But first look carefully. Like all Ah! cables, we use the finest Swiss materials.
Termination? Glad you asked. We were going to use Hubbel, since they make great stuff. But not the best. We love Kimber Kable Wattgate plugs, the standard of the industry. But the retail for just the Wattgate Model 330 plug, with no wire or temination, is $78.

We buy our Hospital Grade termination from the same manufacturer Kimber uses, and while it is not the exact same (I don't need Robert Shapiro and F. Lee Baily knocking on my door) it's as close as we could get.

There are two varieties:

KB-8: This is the cable that started it. First found and adapted for use in the famous Ah! Tjoeb CD player, it is very flexible and perfectly suited as a replacement for "captive cables" or for products that do not have removeable cables that plug into and IEC plug.

KB-10: This is "da bomb" as they say. Heavier gauge, and performance that makes big bucks double laydown cables cringe. This is the perfect cable for high end products, and can be used freely with preamps, digital, and power amps with a standard 15 amp IEC socket. And because it is priced so well, you can do your whole system, not just one piece of gear.