Anthem MCA 50 5-Channel Poweramp

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Anthem MCA 50

Anthem's remarkable MCA 50 5-channel amplifier is a study in sonic contrasts. The MCA series amplifiers are hefty, with a weight an authority reminiscent of far more expensive amplifiers; able to play deep, tight and loud without breakup. The MCA 50 is capable of reproducing all of the multi-channel magic and complex dynamics of the most demanding 7.1-channel surround-sound experience without ever losing control.

The MCA series also consummate musicians, delivering a transparency and clarity that brings out even the most elusive notes of an elaborate aria.

Whether it's the finesse required to satisfy the discerning audiophile, the power demanded by the home theater enthusiast, or the reliability required for professional installations, MCA amplifiers deliver it all!

225W per channel

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