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Tube Testing Procedures

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Upscale Audio prides itself on offering the best tube testing in the industry. Every single tube is tested one at a time in-circuit, using real-world voltages. Signal tubes are listened to on a simulated phonostage with headphones to check for noise. Power tubes are burned in for 72 hours before we ever take a single measurement.

Why do we do this? To make sure the tubes you get are tested right the first time, and to ensure that your amps isn't being used as a tube tester. After all... nothing is worse than getting your fresh new set of tubes plugged into your gear, only to end up looking like Wile E. Coyote five minutes later...

To learn more about how we test tubes, click on the links below

72hr burn-in and matching of power tubes using Tubezilla and Son of Tubezilla.

Grading preamp and other small signal tubes for noise, microphony, and triode balance.