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Sylvania Gold Brand 5751


Product Description

Sylvania Gold Brand 5751 - Super rare 1960's vintage grey plates with gold pins. These have the thicker 2-mica spacers instead of the triple micas of the late 50's and early 60's vintages, but are still highly regarded as one of the best 5751 tubes ever produced. As expected, they all test very low noise and microphonics, and with a triode balance at Platinum Grade standards. NOS in original Gold Brand boxes.

A note on the 5751:

Sometimes a 5751 can be used in lieu of a 12AX7. Some folks (guitar guys typically) that have gear that come equipped with 12AX7's will sub a 5751. They do this specifically because it colors the sound and changes the way their amp performs, as they look for ways to "distort." This is a matter of taste as the 5751 is a lower gain tube than the 12AX7. If someone tells you to use a 5751 because they like it, make sure it's the same piece of gear. A lower gain tube can, depending on the circuit, operate perfectly. However, in some extreme cases, the lower gain can cause high distortion and in some cases not even work properly.

5751 tubes do not have a "sound" that is particular to that tube, any more than 12AX7's have a "sound". It depends on who made the 5751 and when, the operating condition of the tube, and the circuit it's going into. Any other assumptions or statements about the merits of that tube are silly.

Click here for a more in depth discussion on how we grade tubes.

Logo may vary from picture above. Price includes matching in any quantity you need at no extra charge.

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Upscale Audio's Kevin Deal reviews the Sylvania 5751 Gold Brand

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Warranty Information

Vacuum tubes are warranted for 90 days against defects, except in cases of abuse, and replaced with like-item only.

  • Tubes being sent in for warranty must have a return authorization number from Upscale Audio. This RA number must be written on the outside of the box. Please also include a note in the box that has your name and telephone number, and please explain the issues with the tube. If this information is missing it will delay the shipment of your replacement tube.
  • Vacuum tubes being sent to Upscale Audio for warranty replacement must be shipped in a box with appropriate packaging to keep them from being damaged. Vacuum tubes returned to Upscale Audio using inadequate packing will have a voided warranty and will be refused at the customer's expense.

Exceptions to our warranty policy are as follows:

  • Upscale Audio reserves the right to refuse warranty at our disgretion based on the equipment being re-tubed. You will be notified of any change prior to your order being processed.
  • Using a tube in an application in which it was not meant to be used. If your amp calls for a 6550, and you decide you want to plug in a 6V6GT, Upscale Audio is not liable if the tube fails, and will not honor any warranty in such a situation.

Upscale Audio is not liable for any damage or injury caused by the improper use of its tubes or the use of an incorrect/incompatible tube type. If you are unsure of what tube or tubes your equipment uses, consult the manufacturer before making a purchase. Using an incompatible tube type may cause severe damage to your equipment and will void your tube's warranty.

vacuum tube returns for refund:

Vacuum tubes are electronic parts and are not refundable under any circumstances.

Product Reviews

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  1. Among the best

    Posted by Andrew Ballew on 6th Oct 2015

    I have owned several versions of the Sylvania 5751 tubes. Many swear by the Gold Brand or Gold Label Triple Mica Black Plate, and yes, it is an incredibly nice sounding tube. But, for less $$, this 2-mica grey plate gold brand is also very, very special! Very tight, focused sound, with just enough tone to remind you this is tube audio, not solid state. Just an excellent choice for an amp that calls for a 5751, and in many cases a good sub for a 12AX7. Check with you amp maker first, and ask if it is okay to sub a 5751 for 12ax7. If you can, this tube will give you many years of sonic bliss!!!