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Mullard EL34


Product Description

Mullard EL-34 - A modern re-creation of the classic Mullard. Produced in Russia by New Sensor. We've been playing these in everything from the PrimaLuna amps to the Manley Classic 250s, and they sound great. Nice warmth, plenty of detail, but will retain a little more top end extension than the SED Winged C

Pricing above includes matching in any quantity you need at no extra charge.

All power tubes are Platinum Screened & Tested to the highest standards, including a 72-hour burn in process, and testing at real-world voltages.

Every power tube is different. This applies especially to power tubes like EL34, 6550, KT88’s, etc. Two tubes can be brand new in the original box, with one testing at [as an example] 6500 micromhos, the next one at 8600 micromhos. Both tubes would be considered "new" by the factory, and not defective. While the weaker tube isn’t "defective," it will certainly have a shorter life. So if you pay 10% less, you might get a tube with a significantly shorter life. The big lie from manufacturers of tube equipment and tube dealers themselves is that they “reject” these tubes. It’s not true. You can imagine the nightmare that would create for the tube factory if people are sending back 50% - 80% of the tubes that get shipped, coming back in all kinds of condition.

As the owner of Upscale Audio, a company that has supplied tubes into over 50,000 components, and someone obsessed with treating your amp like it’s my amp, I can tell you in no uncertain terms the factory doesn’t take them back. The only tubes they will take back are tubes that have shorts, gas, or measure BELOW the minimum number they assign for that tube type (it varies from type to type, so don’t bother trying to figure that out).

I’ve overcome that issue for you. I can say with calm assurance that we pay the factories more for our tubes than any other tube seller, and we ensure that we receive the absolute cream of the crop. This flies against the logic of how to run a business: The way you make money is to pay less for the goods you sell! That’s what most ANY business owner will tell you. We also don’t sell certain brands of tubes because while they might be cheap and sometimes good, they can be more trouble than they're worth. We pass on a lot of money as a result.

Upscale Audio is the only dealer that does what we do on a grand scale, and have a deep understanding of high end tube electronics. We’re the only dealer that manufacturers give a thumbs-up to, and recommend to their customers. And I promise you only the best.

- Kevin Deal

Product Videos

Upscale Audio's Kevin Deal reviews the Mullard re-issue EL34

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Warranty Information

Vacuum tubes are warranted for 90 days against defects, except in cases of abuse, and replaced with like-item only.

Vacuum tubes are warranted for 90 days against defects, except in cases of abuse, and replaced with like-item only.

  • Tubes being sent in for warranty must have a return authorization number from Upscale Audio. This RA number must be written on the outside of the box. Please also include a note in the box that has your name and telephone number, and please explain the issues with the tube. If this information is missing it will delay the shipment of your replacement tube.
  • Vacuum tubes being sent to Upscale Audio for warranty replacement must be shipped in a box with appropriate packaging to keep them from being damaged. Vacuum tubes returned to Upscale Audio using inadequate packing will have a voided warranty and will be refused at the customer's expense.

Exceptions to our warranty policy are as follows:

  • Upscale Audio reserves the right to refuse warranty at our disgretion based on the equipment being re-tubed. You will be notified of any change prior to your order being processed.
  • Using a tube in an application in which it was not meant to be used. If your amp calls for a 6550, and you decide you want to plug in a 6V6GT, Upscale Audio is not liable if the tube fails, and will not honor any warranty in such a situation.

Upscale Audio is not liable for any damage or injury caused by the improper use of its tubes or the use of an incorrect/incompatible tube type. If you are unsure of what tube or tubes your equipment uses, consult the manufacturer before making a purchase. Using an incompatible tube type may cause severe damage to your equipment and will void your tube's warranty.

vacuum tube returns for refund:

Vacuum tubes are electronic parts and are not refundable under any circumstances.

Other Details

Cryogenic Treatment:

Product Reviews

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  1. Beautiful, musical, and detailed.

    Posted by Unknown on 9th Jun 2015

    My first move after acquiring a Tube Amp is to get in touch with UPSCALE AUDIO. Through the years I learned that nobody is better qualified to advise me as to how best to achieve my sound objectives with a tube substitution. This time they suggested a tube priced so reasonably that I wondered if they hadn't made a mistake.
    Ten minutes into my first listening session with these Mullards and it was apparent that they got it right. Now, about a month later, I am so in love with the sweet detail of these tubes, that I listen all day, almost every day. My tweeter is the highly revealing Sequerra T-1 in the Calibrated Lab Version. With the Mullards, the T-1s sound sweet and detailed, with none of the harshness the "original" tubes presented. Yet the blare of trumpets presents with the raw edge that makes brass real.
    I could not be happier than I am with the Mullards, and the advice I got from Upscale Audio.


    Posted by Dave on 11th Mar 2015

    After several years and multiple tube changes between Valve Art EL34, Gold Lion KT88 and KT66 reissues, I decided to stick with EL34. I replaced the 6922 at the same time with Electro Harmonix.
    Though somewhat hesitant to promote the surprising improvement in soundstage, I was, in fact, surprised at the difference beard by my wife and me. After a few days in my AE 25 Superamp, these have burned in nicely. I recommend!

  3. Balanced and warm and 1/2 the cost of a KT77

    Posted by Paul Kowalski on 4th Dec 2014

    I bought a PrimaLuna Prologue four power amplifier about 3 years ago from Upscale and have never been disappointed. Fast forward to December 2014, I am giving the world of "Tube rolling" a whirl!
    Being a satisfied customer, I called and asked the charasmtic Upscale Audio owner, Kevin for his advice on choosing another tube MFG that would suit my newly sought-after "acoustic narvana". Now, kevin being the objective straight shooter he is, recommended that I read the tube reviews online at his website first.
    Ok, I accepted that and put the weight back on my pondering mind's sholders. Well, after absorbing tube reviews at the Upscale Audio website, I shook off my 30 minute "acoustic mind meld", and decided upon buying a set of re-released Mullard EL34's.
    The tubes arrived 4 days later, wrapped perfectly and unbroken. Another day went by, before I could actually, start the "rolling process". I started and finished my listening process by employing the age old A/B comparson technic.
    I chose 2 CD favorites to discern the sonic signature of the 3 brands of tubes I now own. The first adition, was with the original Prima Luna tubes, second was the Mullards and lastly, I compared my Gold Lion KT77's.

    So, my personal likes and sonic ranking ended up in this order. #1 Mullards, for warmth, exacting sound stage,tight bass and no glaring exaggerations across the spectrum, sounding very evenly balanced. The #2: Gold Lion KT77's, for semi-linear warmth, like the Mullards, but not the flat balance at the mid to upper end, the Mullard has. Still, it had a similar detail and tight bass.The #3 : Prima Luna EL34, great overall tube and it had the highest gain. The Soundstage is more forward and very raw, with a concert or live performance sound.The bass was not as tight as either of the other 1&2 rankings. For now l would highly recommend the Mullard EL34'S as replacements and buy them fromantic Upscale Audio! :-)

  4. Super restorative upgrade!

    Posted by Jurgen on 8th Nov 2014

    My situation required 12 matching EL-34 tubes. After investigating options I settled on the 'new' Mullard EL-34.

    Skeptical or cynical about tubes bearing a respected name from the past? I was a little bit but there was no need to worry.

    Maybe it's a reflection of the sorry state of my previous Ruby tubes, but firing up the Mullards for the first time brought back the power and detail I wasn't aware I had lost over many years. And this is without an extended burn in period.

    It's worth mentioning the quality of the transaction. Upscale provided 12 matched tubes. That's an impressive service by itself, but there's more to my story. In the process of installing my 12-pack, I dropped one! I ordered another tube from Upscale and they took the time to match it with the parameters of the previous set. Nice!

    Back to the Mullards. This has been a positive upgrade to my system and I'm quite satisfied I selected them. For a 12-pack the cost per tube can be a big factor and the tension between price/performance is high. These tubes are a good solution. Based on their performance I would also consider them in smaller configurations.

  5. Great modern production

    Posted by Joon Song from New York on 25th Dec 2012

    I am suprisingly pleased to hear sound from modern production EL34 by Mullard. EL34 sounds delicate and musical than other triod or beam projection tubes.

    Myself have spent enormous time and fortune to enjoy best of music and sound. As per experience from modern production tubes that have been stocked in most of tube audio system, I have to confess negative opinon for modern production tubes so far. So, I have huge collection of NOS tubes for my tube system since left from Mark Levinson and Cello gears. But, this tube is out of expectation. I have strong support for tube audio system. That is why my current system is all tube. It sounds more realistic and musical. Today, even Mark Levinson owns tube audio company.

    The best of reissue EL34 is characteristic warm mid range with clear top and tight base, which is the first experience from new production power tubes. It took more than 12 hours in amplifier to sound right after arrival.

    I appreciate effort of Upscale audio to provide quality product.

  6. Authentic

    Posted by Joe on 20th Nov 2012

    A year ago I stumbled upon a Dynaco ST-70 at an estate sale and decided to snag it for resale. I ops checked it a few weeks later (after a few minor repairs) and I was just taken with the amazing sound these things can make. And just like that it was my daily driver. I soon learned that a major part of that amazing sound was owing to the closely matched (determined by grid shift)vintage Mullard EL34 xf2 quad it used. Not wanting to burn out a reference set of power tubes I soon found myself on a tube rolling mission. The hands down winner was the New Sensor Mullard Reissue EL34. No doubt about it. Lows, mids and highs are just as good and the detail is simply superb. I will be back for another set.

  7. Excellent

    Posted by J Romanello on 27th Feb 2012

    After careful consideration, I purchased the Mullard EL34 re-issue, cryo treated, for my Music Reference RM9 MKII power amplifier. After a short 6 hour burn in, I decided it was time for critical listening. After 25 hours of additional play time, I'm convinced that this is the correct tube for my amplifier. The sound is beatifully balanced. Bass is powerful and tight. Midrange is warm, clear and a bit forward. Treble is clean and extended, although, in my system, it may be a tiny bit more laid back than I'm accustomed to with 6550's.. but I've learned that I can change the treble perspective by swapping type 2 and type 3 preamp tubes... I haven't yet decided which to lock in. Overall, for my system, my taste in music and my ears, the EL34 is the best choice in a power tube and the Mullard re-issue is my first choice. I'll likely order a spare set. Thank you Kevin, and staff, for your help!

  8. Suprisingly Good

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Oct 2011

    Kevin suggested these for my Quicksilver Mid Monos and they have not disappointed. In fact, I am quite surprised at how good they are. They have a confident, powerful sound, with balanced response top to bottom. I don't think they have any particular sonic signature - they just let the music through. Highly recommended...

  9. Replaces xf4

    Posted by Solerso on 30th Jun 2011

    These are excellent tubes. Made well, with good quality material. This generation of power tubes being produced by the American co. New Sensor at the Reflector plant in Saratov Russia, are nearly as good, or even AS good, as the last years of production of Sylvania and Phillips branded tubes made in the US the 80's. They seem to be moving toward picking up the mantle of the old technology rather than just cranking out old Russian millitary types, which can only be a good thing. This Mullard reissue is powerful and has great balance. Low end response is not flabby. Midrange is Forward like most of the Phillips varieties.Nice heavy glass and the support posts are thick, and the getter is a normal "o" type, not one of those weird ,Russian, upside down flying saucers, which look to me like noise problems waiting to happen.The New sensor "Mullard" - EL34 and "Tungsol" - 5881 are without question the best sounding modern production output tubes, if you have something in the 50-100 watt range.

  10. none

    Posted by George Palmer on 30th Jun 2011

    This tube works great in combination with the Telefunken ECC801S I recently installed.in my AudioPrism Debut Mk. 1. Amazing detail & 3D presentation while sounding warm and more powerful than the Winged C SED''s in this same combination. They do sound great, and they rock!. The SED''s had a more delicate sound and seemed to have a slightly recessed midrange, and seemed to lack he detail of the Mullards.