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acoustic zen

High-quality digital and analog interconnects, speaker cables, and power cords made in the U.S.A.




Manufacturer of high performance tubed phonostage and linestage preamplifiers, as well as tube hybrid amplifiers. Made in the U.S.A.




Manufacturer of the world-famous Njoe Tjoeb 4000, featuing the revolutionary SuperTubeClock™.




Award-winning manufacturer of the highest-quality home theater processors, multi-channel amplifiers, and receivers. Everything is expertly built in-house in Canada using the best parts and expertise to create a state-of-the-art surround sound experience, putting you in the middle of the action.




Arcam designs and manufactures award winning Hi-fi and home cinema equipment from its base just outside Cambridge in the U.K.




Atma-Sphere has been building high performance pure Class A Triode OTL (output transformer-less) amplifiers and all-tube preamps for over thirty years. All hand-built with the finest parts in the U.S.A.



audio electronics

Designed by Dennis Had, and built in the same factory as Cary Audio in North Carolina, Audio Electronics products are some of the finest HiFi you can buy regardless of price.




Classically built phono preamps and moving coil step-up transformers, made in U.S.A.



benz micro

Benz Micro is the premier phono cartridge manufacturer from Switzerland. The new S-Class line of cartridges represent a new standard in performance and quality at every price point from entry-level to the most esoteric flagship model.



cary audio

For over twenty years, Cary Audio has been an innovator in the tube electronics industry.
Call today at 909-931-9686 to inquire about exclusive models only available at Upscale Audio!




Clearaudio manufactures a complete line of turntables, tonearms, cartridges, phono stages, interconnect cables and more. Based in Germany, Clearaudio's ultra-high precision construction techniques yield extremely high-quality, tight tolerance turntables for enjoyable vinyl playback and delivers a complete solution for your analogue needs.



dh labs

Founded in 1992, with a misson to produce high performance audio and video cables that deliver the highest level of sound and video quality available at the best possible price.




Dynavector is highly regarded as a manufacturer of high performance moving coil cartridges based on advanced theory and unique production technology.




Peachtree Audio / Era loudspeakers are a truly high-end speaker at big-box store prices. Incredible fit and finish, beautiful sound.




Reference tonearms hand-crafted in the U.S.A.



jl audio

Powerful yet strikingly musical subwoofers. Made in U.S.A.




For over thirty years, Kimber Kable has been a benchmark in the cable industry, producing the highest quality audio and video cables to fit any system or budget. Whether you're setting up an entry-level rig, or building a reference audio system, Kimber has a cable for you.
Upscale Audio is also a dealer for the Kimber Select line of cable. Call 909-931-9686 for more info.




Incredible phono cartridges manufactured in Japan with microscopic attention to detail.



magnum dynalab

Magnum Dynalab has been committed to producing products of the highest calibre for over twenty years, creating some of the finest over-the-air and satellite radio tuners available today.




Manley Laboratories is an American manufacturer of tubed components. Everything from R&D to final production and assembly is performed in-house at their 11,000 sq. ft. facility in Chino, CA.



martin logan

The ultimate in electorstatic loudspeakers, now available at Upscale Audio.... including the incredible Summit X and CLX models. Made in U.S.A.




Music hall is a company dedicated to manufacturing, importing and distributing well priced, top quality, high-end audio components. 




From the same minds that created PrimaLuna, Mystere embodies the same combination of old-school amp building, with revolutionary new circuits. All products are point-to-point wired, hand-built to the highest standards. Amplifiers feature a special dual-mono version of the proprietary Adaptive AutoBias™ circuit.



nitty gritty

If you own any records, you know how important having a clean record is to producing the best quality sound and to preserve the quality of their fragile surfaces. Nitty Gritty offers the only system that effectively cleans a record's surface of film, grease, residue, and dust, leaving a purified vinyl disc.




Upscale Audio is now a dealer for Nola loudspeakers! Nola loudspeakers utilize an open baffle design for the midrange and tweeter drivers, eliminating the resonance issues that can hinder midrange performance. The result is an incredibly open, natural, and clear presentation. Call us today to setup an audition!




Nordost has become a true reference in the high-end cable industry, often at the forefront of new innovation. Nordost actually started out creating precision conductors for medical and aerospace applications. This research laid the groundwork for designing the purest and most accurate audio cables in the industry.
Upscale Audio is also a Nordost Odin Supreme Reference Dealer. Call 909-931-9686 for more info.



okki nokki

The Okki Nokki record cleaning machine is a quality product at an affordable price. Made in Germany.




Manufacturers of the award winning Nova and Decco integrated amplifiers & DACs.
Ask about Upscale Audio's exclusive NOS tube upgrades for Peachtree Audio gear!




Produced by the same team that brought you the world famous Ah! Njoe Tjoeb CD Player (called a "Giant Killer" for its cost-to-performance ratio), PrimaLuna delivers what the others couldn't - extraordinary sound, exceptional fit and finish, and incomparable reliability.




Project is easily one of the top-selling lines of analog equipment in the industry... and with good reason. Year after year, Pro-Ject raises the bar of reasonably priced equipment with incredible performance.



Designed to deliver the ultimate musical experience. PS Audio delivers the highest quality power conditioning units, as well as state-of-the-art digital components, and cables all hand-built in Boulder, CO.




A legendary name in high-end audio that has produced tubed and solid state electronics and loudspeakers for over 75 years.




Rega’s philosophy is to make high quality products at sensible prices, as a means of reproducing music as faithfully as possible. Rega is committed to the design and development of new and existing products, both in hi-fi and other areas, that will perpetuate Rega’s values of quality and value for money.




Solid bass is the foundation on which the rest of the soundstage is built. REL's sub-bass systems provide deep, powerful bass, without the excessive boom and thump of their competition. In fact... a properly dialed in subwoofer should hardly be discernable from the main speakers... until it's turned off that is.




For more than 60 years, Sennheiser  has been making the world’s finest headphones. They’re designs are the most natural sounding headphones available; that transport the listener directly into the studio with the artists they love.




Shelter cartridges are all hand-made in Japan using the finest parts.




SME, which stands for Scale Model Equiment, began producing tonearms in the 1950's and has grown to become one of the most prestigious brands of turntables and tonearms on the planet.



sonus faber

For nearly thirty years, Sonus faber has been one of the world's premier speaker manufacturers. Sonus faber produces hand-built speakers that combine the merits of Old World handcrafting with high technology to produce some of the most musical designs ever. Startling dynamics and bass performance are just two of the results of this approach. The discerning owner will have something of beauty that will bring lasting enjoyment for years to come.




Sumiko phono cartridge offerings reveal the magic within your treasured collection of vinyl recordings, at a price that won't hurt your wallet.




Incredible phono preamps made in the USA. Sutherland phonostages embody the very essence of the KISS principle... Keep It Simple, [Stupid]! Their design circuitry is elegantly simple... only absolutely essential components are used; superfluous options and features are left out. What you're left with is the purest audio signal path available.




Manufacturer of tonearms and turntable accessories. Made in U.S.A.



vienna acoustics

Handcrafted loudspeakers from Vienna, Austria. All Vienna Acoustics speakers are purposefully designed to add to the quality of your domestic landscape by employing true furniture grade materials and assembly techniques. All cabinets are finished to perfection in a wide variety of real wood veneers, one sure to best compliment your listening or living room.




Manufacturer of high-quality tube and tube hybrid amps, preamps, integrateds, and CD players. Vincent combines the best of both tubes and solid state bringing a line of products that have all the glory of tubes, and the punch of solid state.




Manufacturer of high-quality turntables, tonearms, and record cleaning machines, made in U.S.A.