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ProLogue Premium



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reccomp.pngAge2008.pngt Upscale Audio, we have always worked hard to get you great value for your dollar, and I think you folks know that. Along those lines, we've tried over the years several different manufacturers of entry-level tube products, only to walk away from them frustrated with their service problems and poor quality control. We have lofty standards here are used to having the build and sonic qualities of companies such as Cary, BAT, Manley, and Atma-Sphere.
Enter PrimaLuna. Produced by the same team that brought you the world famous Ah! Njoe Tjoeb CD Player (called a "Giant Killer" for its cost-to-performance ratio), ge2005.pngPrimaLuna delivers what the others couldn't - extraordinary sound, exceptional fit and finish, and incomparable reliability.

Some highlights :

  • Hand made with the finest point to point wiring, with workmanship equal to - or better than - any product you can buy at any price, period.
  • Chassis made of finely finished heavy gauge steel, and a five step automotive-quality finish. Each coat hand rubbed and polished.
  • Toroidal power transformer for low hum, and a preamp that is dead quiet.
  • Conservative design runs tubes easily for long life.

It gets better... with features that you won't find on other amps at any price point. All of those features are designed or built in-house. These enhancements were designed by Marcel Croese, engineer behind the "Product of the Year" winning Njoe Tjoeb. Marcel was formerly the chief engineer of Goldmund, the Swiss company that manufactures some of the most exclusive (and expensive) high- end audio gear ever.hifinewscommended.png

  • Soft-start circuit Extends tube life, and greatly reduces the chance of tube failures and shorts.
  • Tube plate fuse protects the amp's output stage. Other amplifiers may need a trip to the shop if a tube fails. Not PrimaLuna. Just plug in a new tube and fuse, and go.
  • Adaptive AutoBias, a PrimaLuna exclusive, this circuit monitors the tubes constantly and instantly adjusts the bias to its optimum point as the load on the tubes changes. Improves performance reduces by 40% to 50% giving you a much cleaner sound. You no longer have to use matched tubes or make ANY adjustments. Ever.
  • Custom designed output transformers Encapsulated low hum, wide bandwidth for great bass and extended highs. Designed by Marcel Croese in conjunction with one of the most prestigious transformer designers in the USA.
  • Premium parts, fully vented chassis, chassis-mounted ceramic tube sockets, ALPS volume control, Nichicon and Realcap capacitors. WBT style speaker terminals. Gold plated input jacks.

poy2007.pngPrimaLuna's recently released DiaLogue Series picks up where the critically-acclaimed ProLogue Series left off. hifipoy2004.pngFor those of you who may have been shipwrecked or perhaps incarcerated for the last three years, the PrimaLuna ProLogue Series of tube components has been embraced by the audio world like no other product in recent memory. Capturing some of the industry's most coveted awards (Product of the Year, Editor's Choice, Golden Ear, Recommended Component, etc.), critics and audiophiles around the world have praised ProLogue's sound, construction, value and dependability. DiaLogue - the step-up line - currently has two integrated amps out, and they are smokin'!

poy2009.pngStart with the DiaLogues' transformers. The DiaLogue integrateds tip the scales at nearly 70 pounds! That's about twice as heavy as their ProLogue cousins and most of that weight is found in the iron - the heart of any tube amp. PrimaLuna's global team spent years designing DiaLogue's high-performance power and output transformers and the result is the purest power you can imagine. DiaLogue will easily drive difficult speaker loads and satisfy the demands of any music from Mozart to Metallica with incredible compression, broarder bandwidth, and increased headroom.

ge2010.pngNow add a gorgeous, ergonomically-correct, brushed aluminum remote that allows you not only to control volume and source selection, but also to engage DiaLogue's home theater pass-thru and to switch the amp's output from triode to ultralinear all ec2007.pngwithout leaving the comfort of your La-Z-Boy.

Of course, the whole package is bundled into a fully-vented, high-gloss chassis with a hand-rubbed, five-step, automotive-quality finish.

What more could you want?